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How To Kill A Horse!.png

*2023 Minnesota Fringe Golden Lanyard Staff Pick

*The World Crime League's "Most Diabolical Show at Fringe"


How To Kill A Horse! A pitch-black, one-man musical comedy about the true history of the weirdest, nastiest, horse-killingest case of fraud in American history!


Graphic Design by Wendy Ruyle
Photo by Lisa Colburn

Click Cover.jpg
Cover by Tim Niederriter

The year is 2223. Mankind is extinct. Animal-human hybrids called gibrids have inherited the earth.


Naia Ruto, a smuggler reeling from the trauma of a failed run, is tasked with navigating a crew of smugglers through a war-torn Democratic Republic of Florida, into the hands of bloodthirsty rebels. Skilled in the art of ultrasonics, it's up to Naia to keep her crew safe from danger and her sanity from shattering.


Click is a gritty crime thriller set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Other Works by Rob


Waiting for Hugs

Co-created by Jenna Papke, Mickaylee Shaughnessy, and Rob Ward for the 2020 Minnesota Fringe Festival.

Doomsday at Noon

Oncoming Productions

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